Shambala: Oasis of Light

Título: Shambala Oasis of Light
Autor: Andrew Tomas
Idioma: inglés
Editorial: Sphere Books
Colección: n/a
Portada: n/a
Edición: 1a.
Año: 1977
ISBN: n/a


Legends of a mysterious kingdom beyond the Himalayas, of an oasis of advanced culture hidden deep in the mountains, have permeated our history for centuries. The realm of Hiarchas described by the classical writer Philostratus seems remarkable in its similarity to the fantastic realm of Prester John of a thousand years later; then Roerich wrote of a hidden land in Central Asia, inaccessible except to the initiated...

Is this legendary kingdom a real-life Shangri La-the centre of a world-wide brotherhood dedicated to the spiritual resurrection of mankind? Have Jesus Christ, Gautama the Buddha and other great reformers been sent from this lost oasis as messiahs bringing a higher state of consciousness to our world?

Andrew Tomas presents impressive evidence from ancient Tibetan sources that Shambhala indeed exists and gives his theory that it has remained hidden through the eons of our civilization.

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