The Mystery of Atlantis

Título: The Mystery of Atlantis
Autor: Charles Berlitz
Idioma: inglés
Editorial: Avon
Colección: n/a
Portada: n/a
Edición: 3a.
Año: 1976
ISBN: 0-380-00546-8


Since the time of Plato, the controversy has raged about the existence of Atlantis. Was it real? Who were its inhabitants—and where did they come from? How could such a well developed civilization vanish so completely —as though it were literally swallowed up by the earth itself?

Out of the furor of international speculation about the mysterious Atlantis, Charles Berlitz has written the book that answers those questions, a book that cuts through the plethora of myths and theories purporting to explain the strange disappearance of Atlantis. THE MYSTERY OF ATLANTIS is a book no serious investigator into the realms of the unexplained can afford to ignore ... the one book that pinpoints the location of Atlantis—and provides important new evidence about the nature of its vanished civilization!

"Berlitz puts the shreds of evidence together, bit by bit, until he has presented a formidable case for believing that Plato was writing history and not mythology when he told of Atlantis!"

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