50 Great Horror Stories

Título: 50 Great Horror Stories
Autor: Edited by John Canning
Idioma: inglés
Editorial: Bantam Books
Colección: n/a
Portada: n/a
Edición: 6a.
Año: 1978
ISBN: 0-553-02851-0

Editor's Note

I have described the collection of tales gathered together in this volume as "horror" stories. By this word I mean to convey not the horrible (in the sense of the outpouring of blood and the heaping-up of mayhem), but the horrific—those weird, macabre, unnatural happenings which seem to defy a rational explanation.

A small minority of the tales, however, do not yield to this classification, and these I have included because each of them combines a strangeness and rarity which makes one wonder at the incongruous paths that men have sometimes trodden.

All of them, however, have in common the fact that they are either true, have been recorded in contemporary documents as fact, or have become such a prevailing folk myth as to suggest some evidence of actual occurrence.

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